Friday, December 19, 2008

Duke Ducks: Part 12 - Blue Heron

Like the Barnacle and Canadian geese, the Blue Heron is not a duck. Unlike the geese, however, it is not even similar in features—it stands upright in the water using long, thin legs rather than floating and it hunts for fish instead of digging for plants.

I am still including it in this series because it is one of my favorite residents of the Duke Gardens. To my knowledge, there is only one Blue Heron that visits the Duke Gardens and it seems to make its home in other areas as well. There were times when I would not see it (I say it, because I didn't know whether it was a male or female) for a few days at a time. It has a distinctive, yet eerie call that would always make me reach for my camera.

It took some time for me to get a good picture, because I would usually get too close and it would take to flight. Eventually, either it got used to my presence or I figured out the right distance to not invade. So, here are some pictures.

One of the first blurry attempts

Across the pond

A common resting spot

Fishing in the shallows

A little closer

Have to see the bridge

Stretched out

Major zoom

Bridge again

Focus on the heron

Different pond

Fishing at the terrace pond

So concludes the Duke "Ducks" series.

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