Friday, December 12, 2008

Duke Ducks: Part 11 - Canadian Goose

Today I am again bringing some pictures of non-ducks. Some of the most obnoxious waterfowl residents of the Duke Gardens are the flocks of Canadian Geese that come through during their biannual migrations. Thankfully they are only temporary residents as they are noisy, messy, and pushy. I liken them somewhat to stereotypical school bullies. If somebody happens to be handing out food, they manage to crowd out the regular residents (you know, the ones that are more permanent due to wing clipping) complete with chasing and biting other birds that get in the way.

Despite what may seem to be bitterness on my part, these birds make great subjects. Here are some pictures.

A very common expression that seems to imply "are you giving out food?"

This one looks to be tagged

A closeup of the tag

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