Friday, November 07, 2008

Peru Trip Timeline: Part 2 - Trujillo Part 2

I didn't quite finish with the Trujillo part of the Peru trip in my last post.

As the week drew to a close, it seemed that the days got busier. We hadn't quite seen everything and everyone yet. On Wednesday, we went with Micah, some ladies from CBT, and a Presbyterian medical missionary to go to a Bible study at the local women's prison. We knew we wouldn't be allowed to take cameras in, so we didn't bother taking it at all. It was disappointing to not get pictures, but it was also freeing to not worry about the possibility of it getting stolen.

After lunch, we met Jorge and took a bus out to his house in Huanchaco, a beach-side suburb of Trujillo. We had only traveled in taxis up to that point, so it was a good experience riding the bus. After catching up a little with Jorge's wife Nancy, we, along with Jonathan, headed to downtown Huanchaco to walk around. Jonathan wanted to get in on the photo-taking fun. After walking around, we went and got some picarones, which are like donuts, but covered in honey.

When we got back from Huanchaco, we met up with Liana, one of Amy's friends that has been working at the CBT school for some time, and went to get some dinner (yes, after the picarones). While walking, we saw something rather strange…Also, note the gas prices.

Those prices are in Nuevo Soles, which hovered around 3 for 1USD during the whole trip.

On Thursday, we went with Isabel to the Huaca de La Luna, which is a construction from the Moche civilization which predated the Incan civilization. You can read the Wikipedia article for the speculative facts. Below are some pictures of some of the restored wall paintings and site overviews. Also, we saw a few examples of the Peruvian Hairless dog.

On Thursday evening, we went to prayer meeting at CBT and afterwards we said goodbye to friends. On Friday morning, a day that had quickly come, but we wished had not, was upon us. Uncle Bert & Aunt Colleen drove us to the airport where we had to say goodbye.

More to come starting with the flight to Cusco.

Disclaimer: While in Peru, Amy and I managed to take around 2250 photos, much less than our preparations, but still over 6GB worth. The pictures that we post online are, understandably, a small subset. The ones about which we blog are an even smaller subset. If you want to see more pictures, there are a couple of links on the side-bar. I will be uploading over the span of a few days and blogging could take a couple of weeks.

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