Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Peru Trip Timeline: Part 1 - Trujillo Part 1

On 9 October, Amy and I left RDU in the early afternoon bound for Lima with a layover in Miami. We had an hour-long delay in Miami due to storms. That was somewhat of a blessing as we would be staying in the Lima airport overnight and wished to spend as little time there as possible. The delay ended up shaving about 45 minutes off of the wait, but every little bit helps right?

Here I am with my first taste of Inca Kola on Peruvian soil. It's much better made with sugar than with HFCS.

We flew out of Lima the next morning for Trujillo. We stayed with Bert & Colleen Elliot, with whom Amy had spent three summers previously. They are a wonderful couple—a picture of hospitality and generosity.

Some of the scenery around the Elliot's house.

Our visit happened to coincide with the 19th anniversary of Centro Biblico Trujillo (CBT). On Saturday we went to a local park for some games and fellowship. One of the events was a relay race where you had to go back and forth between two clothes baskets and put on a piece of clothing from each until there was no clothing left. Another was a "triathlon" that involved jumping over or going under ropes, riding a bike around the park, and then riding a skateboard up and over a hill. There were numerous other events, but these provided some decent pictures.

I lost the relay, but I won the triathlon.

That evening, Amy and I walked to the Plaza de Armas (of Trujillo). My first impression is that Peruvian municipalities aren't obsessed about architectural hegemony.

On Sunday, we attended morning worship at CBT. That evening, we went with Isabel to have dinner with the Leyton's—a family that attends CBT.

On Monday, we visited the school that the church started. On the way back to the Elliot's house, we stopped in the Botanical Gardens to look around. We were surprised to see an alpaca. We then celebrated Isabel's birthday with her family at her house. That evening we went to a restaurant owned by the son of a lady that attends CBT and had chicken kabobs.

On Tuesday, we spent time at CBT talking with Sarita. Then after lunch, we went to La Esperanza—a suburb of Trujillo—to visit a ladies Bible study with Conchi—cooks for the Elliots. While Amy was spending time with the ladies, I talked with Leonel. I practiced Spanish and he practiced English.

That evening, there was a Bible study in the Elliot's home in which Amy and I were able to participate. I surprised most of them with my pronunciation when reading part of the story of the Prodigal Son. The attendees of the Bible study wanted to celebrate Isabel's birthday, so they took her out to dinner afterward. Unfortunately, my stomach had been giving me fits for a couple of days, so I opted out of the celebration—though it looked like fun—and went to bed early.

We spent a week in Trujillo and there were a couple of side trips, so I will continue with those in the next post.

Disclaimer: While in Peru, Amy and I managed to take around 2250 photos, much less than our preparations, but still over 6GB worth. The pictures that we post online are, understandably, a small subset. The ones about which we blog are an even smaller subset. If you want to see more pictures, there are a couple of links on the side-bar. I will be uploading over the span of a few days and blogging could take a couple of weeks.

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