Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Duke Ducks: Part 5 - Ruddy Shelduck

The Ruddy Shelduck is the most aggressive regular resident(Canadian geese are meaner) at the Duke Gardens. There were two at last count, a male and a female. I guess at the sex mainly because I see one that primarily forages and one that tends to fend off other ducks. When a human visitor is handing out food, these two will eventually be front and center with a wide swath of open water around them. Usually the male will be fending off any ducks that enter the "forbidden semi-circle". I don't like that behavior so much, so I tend to just throw bread to the outer semi-circle. The powers of deduction aren't present in most ducks, which means the shelducks continue waiting for food right in front of me even though my throws are aimed away from them. On land they tend to charge the other birds. Despite their aggressiveness, they tend towards friendly relations with the Barnacle Geese (more on them later). Now for pictures.

I thought I had more, but it looks as if I have such a dislike for these two, that I have only taken pictures of them on two separate occasions. Oh well. Perhaps on future trips to the gardens, I'll take more pictures and post the results.