Monday, June 16, 2008

Duke Ducks: Part 4 - Common Shelduck

The Common Shelduck is a particularly striking resident at the Duke Gardens. At last count (Memorial Day 2008) there were still two. Their wings are clipped to prevent them from flying away (a horrible practice if you ask me, but it protects the investment to get them shipped here). They are usually docile, but here is a face-off between one and a female Muscovy duck.

The Shelduck won, I guess.

Here are the two resting late in the afternoon.

And swimming away.


Beth & Patrick said...

They clip their wings? How horrible! I guess, I understand why, if they ship them in; however, I didn't realize they shipped them in.

Tom said...

Only some of the species. Perhaps I should make a note towards the end of the series which species get clipped and which don't.