Friday, April 25, 2008

Duke Gardens: Introduction

I used to work at the Duke University Medical School. Because space is a premium around college campuses, I parked about a half-mile from the building where I worked and walked in every day. I was able to get in a mile walk every day as part of going to work and it just so happened that my walk took me through the Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

In May of 2007, I bought a digital camera in preparation for our honeymoon trip to Maui (see here and here). Before that I would sometimes steal Amy's for the day. The camera went to work with me every day in the hopes that I would catch something cool in a picture. The gardens are beautiful year-round, but there are occasional moments when the lighting and composition line up at the right time to produce a good picture.

Most every day I would walk through "The Gardens" and on each trip I would discover something new. Perhaps my favorite part was the collection of ducks there. Ducks are fascinating creatures and I would often spend what would have been useful reading time just watching them.

Today I am announcing a couple of running series. If I have nothing else to write (rant) about, I will post pictures and stories of the ducks in the Duke Gardens. I may also, on occasion, throw in some general pictures of the gardens. For now, just to whet the appetite.